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The Design Process

The Design Process

I’d like you to know what to expect when it comes to pricing and what will happen during the development of your site.

The Design Process

Step 1 - Planning

To make the best site possible I want to understand your needs and goals. We’ll discuss your target audience and how to best reach them. Next, we’ll talk about what you want to accomplish with your site. If you have a site now or have had one in the past I will ask what worked well and what didn't.

Step 2 Design

Step 2 - Design

You’ll send me any visual content you have for the site including images, text, logos, etc.

With your needs and goals in mind I'll design an initial site map and rough sketches of the site.

Step 3 Development

Step 3 - Development

When we get to the development stage, I’ll write the site’s code. Using HTML to build the structure of the site, I'll then create the look and feel with CSS. JavaScript comes last and will tell the site how to interact with the page user.

Step 4 - Testing

Step 4 Testing

Regardless of how many pages you choose for your site, it will be made up of hundreds to thousands of lines of code. Testing the pages and code thoroughly on different devices will allow me to spot, and correct, potential errors so that your visitors always have a pleasant experience navigating through your site.

Step 5 - Launch

Step 5 - Launch

I’ll give you a live preview link so that you can use and test the site. After you give final approval we’ll need a domain and web hosting. The site and all its elements will be uploaded to the web host and your domain will be linked. At this point your site will be live for everyone to see.

Step 6 - Support

Step 6 - Support

Following the launch I’ll be available to address any concerns you may identify. As time goes on and you need to make updates, I can help with those too. The frequency you’d like the page updated and how involved those updates are will determine the cost, if any. As always, you’ll know what to expect and my prices will be more than reasonable.